An Empty Caldron…

“Double, double toil and trouble: Fire burn and caldron bubble ”

Have you ever looked inside something; saw nothing there and immediately thought it was empty? I am sure we’ve all fallen subject to this train of thought at least one time or another… I must admit, the first thought that goes through my mind after a freshly finished bottle of wine is that… “Awe man, I can’t believe it’s empty already!” This is a terrible habit that I am trying to break and you should too! A page, canvas, stage, cup, bottle, home, or caldron is never empty. In fact it’s quite the opposite! They are not void of anything rather they are overflowing with potential. Potential is one of the greatest gifts we could ever give ourselves!

The magick of your potential lies in the beauty of your intention. No spell or advice should ever be cast with careless or cloudy intention. Your magick is only as strong as your heart.

For a witch to fill an empty caldron, you must embrace your potential.

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