Magick at Heart

Imagine yourself in a forest, midsummer, walking barefoot down a dirt path to a small pond you’ve been to thousands of times. The sun casually sinking toward the west. The smell of damp earth tickling your nose as the soft sounds of the birds whirl about your ears as they chirp the answers to your questions you haven’t learned to asked yet. The ground is cool beneath your feet. The air is warm, but the trees shade you from the heat of the sun. You trace your fingertips down the length of the fern leaves that fall across your path, offering you a piece of mind that you haven’t felt for sometime. You continue walking, soaking up all the energy around you. You come to that small familiar clearing that you’ve been to countless times in your dreams and in your thoughts. Everything is how it should be as you survey the area.   The waterlily’s float, undisturbed as the water from the small waterfall pours casually into the crystal clear emerald green pond. The rocks at the base of the waterfall are covered in a soft green moss. Ferns and bushes dip into the cool water, offering protection from the sun for the creatures below. The tree trunks twist and curl their long branches to create a hole in their canopy to allow the sun to reach the ground. The fresh scent of the forest revitalizes your energy. Your feet are firmly planted on the ground. You raise your arms slowly out to your sides, your eyes closed. You can feel the sun on your face. The soft natural sounds around you become so familiar that you no longer hear them. You feel your feet begin to take root into the ground…anchoring and connecting you with the earth. You begin to feel yourself grow taller and stronger. Your outstretched arms begin to lengthen. They do not feel heavy as small leaf covered twigs branch out from your fingers, in fact they feel lighter as they reach for the sky above. Each deep breath you take in, you feel yourself becoming more and more entwined with Mother Earth. While you are in this state feel your magick coursing through you. Allow yourself to see, not with your eyes, but with your senses.

Listen as the wind whispers to you… “The strongest magick you will ever find is the magick in your heart.”

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